Post-Processing - The Boys at North Shore Park

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Two TIFF images were created from the RAW file.  One image was adjusted for correct exposure of the boys.  The other image was adjusted for a darker more dramatic sky.

The (lighter) background from the boys' image was masked out using Topaz ReMask and this image was laid over the darker exposure in Photoshop. 

This shot was taken quite late into the evening.  The ISO of 640 did result in a fair amount of noise, so Topaz DeNoise was used on the layer containing the image of the boys.

An adjustment layer was used to dodge in (brighten) the face on one of the boys.

The background was still not satisfying, so an adjustment layer, Selective Color was applied.  The magentas, particularly, were boosted to provide a darker sunset.

Finally, a vignette was created using an adjustment layer set to blend mode.

Here are the key layers; from the top down:

* Curve Layer with Multiply blend to create vignette
* Curve Layer to Dodge Face of one boy
* Masked image of boys only
* Selective Color Adjustment Layer
* Underexposed image of sky and background

Posted March 01, 2016 at 4:39 pm.